Welcome to our new website

Well it is finally here – the massive new re-design of our website.

Hopefully as you browse you will see that there are quite a few changes for the better – here are just a few of the things that have changed.


  1. You can now reset your password to email or your mobile phone – perfect if either have changed since you were last with us
  2. Online payment is now immediate – and you can store your card
  3. Much easier system for registering horses and riders onto your account
  4. Hide old horses from your account
  5. Trailblazers cards now fully online – cards sent by post without sending us your qualification sheets


  1. Hall of fame – record setting equestrians over the course of the last 15 years computerised records
  2. Full responsive- now works as well on mobile and table as desktop
  3. Direct links to facility, clinic and event booking along with live arena availability
  4. Breeding and horse information built into the system and shown on all results screens
  5. Judges booked now shown on system


  1. Team Quest full team results online
  2. Ability to transfer your own entries before closing date of event


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