Trailblazers Championships, a place for everyone

Have you thought about entering trailblazers, but then thought you didn’t stand a chance, or even know where to start? Well think again, because Trailblazers is for you!

Trailblazers is the perfect grassroots championship there are classes for everyone, with events such as showing, combined training, showjumping and of course, dressage, all at different levels of ability AND split for junior and seniors you’re sure to find something you’ll love. First rounds have already begun so now is the time to get a wriggle on and qualify early for next spring’s 2nd rounds!

Check the Trailblazers website for a venue near you, with venues holding qualifying classes all over the country, you shouldn’t even need to travel far to qualify and you have plenty of time to have a few goes too and maybe even progress to the next level. Simply ask to complete the Trailblazers registration form to collect your competitor number at your venue and you’re good to go. No fees and no stress, it’s easy!

Throughout the competition you can expect well run events with knowledgeable, qualified judges and course builders to bring out the very best in you and your horse or pony. The final has support from some fabulous sponsors, amazing organisation, and most important of all a great, fun atmosphere with an amazing sense of occasion.

Don’t forget you don’t pay anything more than your normal class entry fees in first rounds until you get that all important qualifying score. When you decide to proceed to the 2nd rounds you simply pay a small fee for your second round cards but remember showing and working hunter 1st rounds are direct qualifiers to the finals.

Remember to kick start your campaign to gain qualification for SEIB Trailblazers National Championships 2018 it’s such a prestigious event and the place for enjoyment for all, so why not come along next year and have a summer you’ll never forget? I did and I can’t wait to go back.

See you there!

Alanna xoxox

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