Equine Flu – Information for 15-17 Feb Dressage

In light of the current situation in respect of equine flu we wish to inform all competitors of the procedures we are putting in place this weekend.

  1. All competitors must declare at the show office prior to unloading their horses.
  2. They must present the passport for their horse for inspection
  3. Flu vaccinations must be up to date
  4. Latest vaccine DOES NOT need to be within 6 months of the show date
  5. Latest vaccine MUST NOT be within 7 days

This information is based on best practise advised by British Dressage and in conjunction with our vets.

It is essential that you are aware; any horse not complying with this requirement will be unable to compete at the venue and there will be no transfer, credit or refund offered.

These requirements are from British Dressage – the basis of these have been part of their rules for a considerable period of time. They are also specifically detailed in our general rules covering shows and events – a copy of which may be found here. We have updated this document to highlight the section particularly relevant at present.

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  • Louise Lea says:
    Feb 13 2019 5:09 pm Reply

    Hi .
    My vaccination runs out on 14 th March 2019. I have had a booster today 13th February 2019 . As I am doubly covered from now until March 13th am I allowed to compete on Saturday please . Many thanks
    Louise Lea

    • Rob Lickley says:
      Feb 14 2019 12:54 pm Reply

      Hi Louise.

      I’m afraid you will not be able to compete your horse at any BD competition within 7 days of a vaccination being given.

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